Noiseborder Ensemble meets matralab, part 2

Noiseborder Ensemble meets matralab, part 2

The second performance of the Noiseborder Ensemble/matralab event took place on March 31, and featured a performance entitled Early Robotics by Max Stein, Julian Stein, and Adam Basanta. They have created a large array of mechanical sound devices controlled through a complex Max/Arduino setup; it was fun to watch and intriguing to listen to.



We also presented a new piece entitled Outer Drive that I wrote for pianist Megumi Masaki with video by Chris McNamara. The video features urban images from Windsor and Detroit; in the full version the scene changes in the video are triggered by changes of bass note in the piano harmony. We had the triggering working well, but our system couldn’t process the video in full resolution without dropping frames, so we performed the stripped down fixed-video version that Megumi has already performed in Iceland and Germany.



And we presented the first performance of supernatant, an interactive video work co-created by Nic de Cosson, Martin Schiller, Anthony Giglio and me. In supernatant, the position and movement of a frog in the video is mapped to a graphics generation algorithm and to the spatialization of audio. Martin played the Therevox synthesizer, Nic monitored the video projection and processing, and Anthony managed the audio processing and spatialization.